Adventures in 2013 Topps

First off, welcome back to Nearly Mint. If you’ve had me in your RSS feed since 2011 waiting on me to come back, thank you. If you’re here for the first time, I appreciate you coming by. I hope to post more than once every 13 months from now on.

I’ve been reading reports of 2013 Topps in Wal-Mart and Target for a couple of days now and thought I’d stop at the Target near home to see if I could snag a couple of packs. This is the site that greeted me as I entered the card aisle:

It took every shred of willpower I possessed to not rip into the boxes. Night Owl from twitter nailed what would have probably happened:

I immediately got on the phone with my soon-to-leave-work wife and asked her to check out the Target near her. She came home with a story:

The cashier, as my wife entered the line at Target: “I have to ask, husband or son?”
Wife: “Husband.”
Cashier: “*laugh* I can’t believe how many grown men come in here to buy these things.”
Wife: “Oh yeah, he’ll probably open these up and put pictures of some of them on the internet, but that’s ok.”
Cashier: “*laugh*”
Next woman in line: “It’s ok because you’ve accepted it.”
Wife: “Yep, I’ve accepted it.”

It seems most women aren’t quite as accepting of us card bloggers as my wife, who went out of her way in the rain to pick these up for me:

We then opened the packs slowly, taking the time to read the backs and fully appreciate possibly the only Topps packs I’ll open this winter.

Andrew was the first card of the year. A pretty solid photo.

In the second pack we found a Blue Jay short print and it immediately got listed on eBay. I’m hoping to recoup the $10 that we paid for the packs.

Paying careful attention to the card backs paid off when we came across this amazing write-up of much-maligned ex-Cub Ryan Theriot.

That card lead to this twitter post, which then was retweeted by none other than Keith Law.

There were a lot of snarky comments about the Career Chase portion of the card which lists Theriot as 3,000+ hits shy of Rose’s (who isn’t listed due to being banned) mark. Theriot’s hit total looks gargantuan compared to poor Adam Greenberg, though…

I remember watching that Cubs game seven years ago when Greenberg took the ball off his noggin. It was quite a scary sight. Some may say Greenberg was the gift recipient of a publicity stunt by an owner who was desperately looking for good will, but I’m happy he had one last chance to record a hit.

That wraps up my first and most likely only post about 2013 Topps. I’m more interested in putting together older sets than buying packs. I hope to have a post about 1982 Topps and 1994 Fleer coming soon, along with a possible giveaway of the cards I bought tonight.

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2 Responses to “Adventures in 2013 Topps”

  1. January 30, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    I’m working completing the ’94 Fleer set myself. I’m sure I have a stack of duplicates laying around somewhere. Plus, I have a want list up on my blog. Contact me if you’re looking for some ’94 help!

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